Can We Actually Dream About The Future?

From the earliest dream recordings came the notion that people can dream about the future.  People have depicted this phenomena by writing them down or in dream sharing by word of mouth, for eons.  The claim has been that dream images will appear during sleep which are then accurately played out in waking day at some point in the future. For example, a woman dreams her husband is taken to hospital in an ambulance as she drives behind the ambulance wondering why he suddenly became ill.  Three days later her husbands collapses at work and she’s called to rush to hospital. He was taken in by ambulance.  Though some details differ, the most important aspect of the dream is accurately played out.

Can these precognitive events actually occur or are these occurring by co-incidence?  For many years people reported them but researchers dismissed them. In more recent years researchers have in fact designed experiments to prove precognition is occurring for many people.  One set of experiments had people dream about an unknown target with statistically significant results.  That means they had dream imagery of the target above the probability of chance.  Other studies have had people sleep in a research lab while someone tried to telepathically “send” emotional information about a waking event.  Again, the dreams had information content about the event, above chance. That is, they were dreaming about the event more than what they would have simply by chance.

People who have been through near-death experiences, traumatic life events, or other life-altering experiences are more likely to report these dream experiences.  Others report them from a very early age as a very natural part of their dreaming experience.  Some keep the dream pattern for their entire lives while others ignore them so they go away.  In any event, people have always reported them and continue to do so to date.  This dream pattern has certainly stood the test of time.

So it appears the old tales of precognitive dreaming have some validity but more scientific inquiry is needed to explain how this is so.  Most importantly, finding how this occurs is a valid path of study.  Scientific studies combined with more reports of this dream experience will open the vista for how and why some people can accurately dream about the future.



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Teresa L. DeCicco, PhD, is the author of “Living Beyond the Five Senses: The Emergence of a Spiritual Being” and “The Giant Compass: Navigating The Life of Your Dreams”  You can see more of her work at Teresa DeCicco Website


Over The Top-A Short Film That Changes Lives in 17 Minutes

I recently had the opportunity to see the Film “Over the Top” produced and directed by Cynthia Banks.  This is a short film about a man living in small town Southern Ontario, Canada who pushes the boundaries of living in every direction.  He has traveled around the world to perform antics of every kind in order to live his life to the fullest.  Whether he’s jumping a fence, flying down a mountain, or plunging into some body of water, he appears to do it with gusto.  So why would this movie change my life in such such a short time?

The main character in the film is Rick Harding, a man determined to keep living every second to the fullest.  The movie brings not only his life philosophy into perspective but allows us, the viewers, to see what our full potential might be if we followed his lead.  We glimpse what a life well-lived really looks like.

The film provides a mirror for us to see where we have lived fully and where we have wasted our days, never to get them back.  Rick Harding shows us how to get up off the couch where life is lived virtually, and to actually feel life through action and sharing. By sharing his antics with those around him, we feel exhilarated at what life could be for us too.  The need to live full-out is contagious in this film.

Through the life of this man, Cynthia Banks breathes life into us.  She gives us a glimpse of how life can be lived and maps it out for us too.  As the film moves through it’s story we begin seeing opportunities for ourselves in new and enlightening ways. The tempo of our lives accelerates with new possibilities.  The uplifting pace brings with it an energy that infuses us with new energy that lasts long after we leave the theater.  A part of Rick Harding lingers within us, urging us to live in ways we never imaged until he showed us exactly how to do it.

Thank you Rick and Cynthia.

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Teresa L. DeCicco, PhD, is the author of “Living Beyond the Five Senses: The Emergence of a Spiritual Being” and “The Giant Compass: Navigating The Life of Your Dreams”  You can see more of her work at


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Circumstances Where I’m NOT Happy for You

Teresa TropeaI recently discovered within myself, a feeling or “pang” that came to conscious awareness.  This was a sensation I no doubt have had most of my life but only realized its presence in certain situations.  It comes as a wave, in the center of my being, deep within the self and once noticed, I wanted to fully understand it.

Firstly, all of my life I have been very excited for the successes of others. I understood from an early age (through the parenting of my mother) that the success of another has no bearing on my own life. In no way does the success of another take away anything from me. In fact, watching someone else succeed is very inspirational. It shows me the path I too could take and it acts as a role model for what can be achieved in life.  I am most grateful for those around me when I am witness to their successes, no matter what they may be.  Watching colleagues write best-selling books, watching relationships grow and blossom, watching the dreams of others come into fruition makes me feel absolutely elated.  I am delighted and filled with joy for all of these and more.  So the question came when I recently realized a pang of unhappiness at someone’s so-called success.

Upon deep examination of the emotion I realized what this was and why I was feeling it.  The emotion was a pang of sadness when someone’s success was achieved at the expense of another.  When a romantic relationship develops that does not honour previous partners but rather, was built on secrets, lies and deceit, it brings a pang of sadness inside me.  When a colleague achieves success by lying or cheating others, the success is accompanied by an empty  well of emotion for me.  Even those who succeed by hyper-competitiveness where success is marked by being ahead of another in some way, brings a feeling of being let down.

Upon reflection I came to see that the deep pang inside of me is accompanied by a knowing that these successes, in the end, cannot remain intact.  Success gained off the back of another will not be sustained. It’s merely a matter of time before the law of “what goes around comes around” will equalize all things. My sadness is embedded in the fact that those who do not yet know this law will soon come to feel its justice.  A success had on the backs of others can never truly be a success.  Just as feeling elation from the demise of another cannot feel good for very long.  The great equalizer of life will soon show its hand and justice will prevail.  Either in a day, weeks or even years, the hand of justice will equalize all things and perhaps here in lies the rub.  My pang of sadness and pain is for those who believe they have succeeded by cheating, lying, stealing or deceiving others but their difficult challenges are yet to come.  Such successes will carry as much pain in the future as they do joy in the moment.

In great happiness for all your true successes,


Teresa L. DeCicco, PhD, is the author of “Living Beyond the Five Senses: The Emergence of a Spiritual Being” and “The Giant Compass: Navigating The Life of Your Dreams”  You can see more of her work at


What Does Spielberg say About Living Beyond the Five Senses?

In a recent talk by Steven Spielberg he made the most insightful comment on how to know your life’s dream. While paraphrasing, he basically says the message comes in a whisper and is felt in the heart as a tug.  The call never screams or cajoles, but only whispers quietly to the inner self.  If this is so, most would ask, if it’s a quiet sensation, how exactly will we know when it’s happening to us?close encounters

Firstly, the whisper is beyond the five senses in that it comes as a quiet inner voice that is both heard and felt deep within the self.  It’s a subtle wave of emotion mixed with a knowing that this “whisper” is stirring a new sense of direction.  It’s not a frightening feeling in any way, unless the mind begins to analyze and dissect it, it’s rather soothing with a mix of excitement.  In order to sense it, we must be quiet enough in ourselves to actually hear it once it happens and once this whisper has been heard and felt, it tends to not go away so easily.

The whisper will be persistent as a felt sense until some form of action is taken.  It may be a sense that a creative outlet is urging such as painting, building, writing or making music. It may be an informative tug that an important relationship has come to it’s end and this can’t be ignored any longer.  Once the whisper has made itself known, it doesn’t fade away and it keeps uttering it’s secret; buy some paint and take a class it says, build a new tool, write a few lines, it reminds quietly.  It wants to be heard and it wants to be recognized.

The whisper will also make itself known in night-time dream imagery when the conscious mind is put to rest and the unconscious is allowed to dance freely.  The imagery will begin to present scenarios and scenes that will trigger awareness of a new life path.  The seed can be planted in the mind while sleeping to allow it time to germinate it’s way into conscious awareness.  In waking day a new thought will then appear, as clear as ever, for a new and exciting path to emerge.  A new line of work, the pull to travel to exciting places, the release of a long-standing relationship that oppresses one’s vitality; any of these will appear as a clear, sunny sky after a storm.  The whisper has revealed its secret again.

Our work is to be mindful of our inner life and to be ready to listen to the whisper when it’s ready to utter it’s words.  If our mind is cluttered with constant chatter and schemes of how we want things to be we will surely miss it.  If our emotional lives are filled with fear, anxiety, and vicissitudes of emotion we will surely mask the true calling of our lives.  We will be too busy living a life we “think” we should create rather than the one we truly “wish” to create.  It’s the whisper and the tug of the heart that we wait for and is waiting for us.

With patience and a clear mind,


Teresa L. DeCicco, PhD is the author of “Living Beyond the Five Senses” and “The Giant Compass: Navigating the Life of Your Dreams” available at and in bookstores everywhere.  See more of her work at

The Poise and Perils of “Self-Help”

When all things in the physical world fail to fulfill a deep inner need, leaving an emptiness that cannot be explained, the quest to find one’s sense of self is often embarked upon.  Similarly, when the pain of life gets too great, be it loss, illness, divorce, financial struggle or all of these together, the quest can also begin with the journey inward.  When we cease to blame the world or others around us for our own life experiences, we are finally left looking at ourselves.   It’s at this fork in the road that millions of people turn to self-help books and programs to make what is wrong, right.  We begin looking for tools and strategies to make life better and to lessen our pain.  This is a great, celebratory day when we stop reaching for something outside the self to fulfill us and we begin a transformation via the journey inward.

The words of wisdom gleaned from self-help work cannot be underestimated.  While scholars and scientists provide immeasurable information about the world, self-help authors are changing millions of lives.  It’s here that wisdom gained from trudging the depths of pain in the physical world brings priceless knowledge.  Then there are the scholars and scientists who bring pragmatic information in the form of self-help as well.  The plethora of aid in this genre cannot be underestimated and the real-life benefits not overlooked.  People grow and change into more stable beings through what they learn in self-help.  People become healed of deep wounds, begin healing their families and transform in ways we don’t always understand.  Quite often the journey becomes one of a life-long quest with layers and layers of positive growth undertaken.  The engagement of inner-work, inner-healing and helping the self becomes part of the personality and of everyday life.  A change in compassion, understanding, and a willingness to help others becomes apparent, but with a word of caution, another level of change can begin to grow.

The parallel pattern of growth can act as a great peril when embarking on self-help.  One detriment can be the loss of common sense because intellectualization takes over.  When this occurs, basic life skills can be put aside such as working for a living or securing a home for one’s self.  The basic needs of life, as were described by Maslow many years ago, seem to be lost, yet are necessary for survival in the physical world.  Food is needed to keep the body alive.  Medical attention can decrease pain and suffering.  A home of one’s own (whatever that may be) provides a grounding and safety in day to day life.  Self-help was never meant to deprive anyone of the basic needs of human life.

Another peril of working on one’s self is the notion of “detachment” which does not mean letting go of the love we have and feel for others.  Loving our family, our friends and others is another basic human need. If we detach from our children believing this is somehow necessary, we deprive them of parental love which can harm them for life.  If we detach from our friends in need, this lacks compassion and love, no matter how we try to justify it. In the end strong bonds will be broken and more pain will result than joy.  Self-help was never meant to damage or deprive anyone of secure, loving bonds, be it partners, family or friends.

Our own inner work does not mean pushing a friend in pain to look at themselves, causing them more pain.  Our self-help is just that, help for the self.  If we become out of balance with inner work we may begin to think we have to push, prod and cajole others into doing what we think is best.  It’s a good reminder to ourselves that we do not know the path of others and we should respect that by focusing only on ourselves.  Sadly, it’s the people who believe they know best who are often the most wounded and project their own suffering onto others.  Self-help was never meant to make anyone an authority on someone else’s life.

The last (though there are more, I’m sure) parallel peril is that self-help, when taken to the extreme, brings many people out of touch with true joy.  Life becomes one of grasping for the struggle and the challenges, constantly looking for pain and trouble.  If there is no trouble and life is peaceful, chaos may be created so there will be opportunities to live in the never-ending cycle of healing.  What is being missed is the great fun of life.  The great waves of joy that arise when we are sharing time with others are unheeded.  Laughter, light-heartedness, and all things deliciously good on this planet are overlooked.  Self-help was never meant to be a commitment to constant suffering.

So for the millions of people engaged in self-help in the way of books, movies, workshops and groups this can certainly lead to empowerment and composure.  Life begins to change for the better and though challenges still arise, these are faced with new strength and attitude.  If working on the self is balanced with fun and pleasure, then perhaps this is the point where life can best be lived.  Perhaps it’s here that ultimately, we will be living life with poise and a deep sense of inner joy that is rarely shaken because self-help combined with boundless joy can eventually lead us to self-love.

In reflection,


Photo is courtesy of Ava Clark of Toronto, Canada

Teresa L. DeCicco, PhD is the author of “Living Beyond the Five Senses” available at the BUY NOW button at the top of the page and in bookstores everywhere.  See more of her work at






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Why The “Hell” of Physical Pain is Important in Our Evolution

Pain-womanI have evolved through the years to the point of living, as best I can, my personal motto

I am connected to everything and everyone, everywhere©

This means there are no differences between myself and others in any way.  Race, skin colour, salary level, past transgressions or future trajectories cannot divide me from other members of the human race.  Personal life circumstances have brought me to this place through the vicissitudes of life: near death, racial victimization, gender inequality, heart ache, disappointment, emotional pain, and struggle interspersed with exhilaration and extreme joy.  Paradoxically, it was excruciating physical pain that would stretch my notion of connectedness beyond its current limits and ultimately change me in ways I could not imagine.

Due to physical injury, I found myself suddenly struck down with immense physical pain that was so blinding I could not see, hear, or feel anything other than its demand for attention.  The pain cut like a knife over and over again for days and would not abate.  With no effective medication to numb the pain I lay victim to its whims.  Wave after wave of hurtful pounding, it left me isolated in the moment with no past or future to care about.  Helplessly, I simply let it do its work.  Some days later I was given relief in an emergency ward far too busy with life-threatening illnesses to attend my pain in a hurry. I was still breathing and not bleeding, but nonetheless, I was in shock and traumatized by the body’s insistence on giving me signals of throbbing agony.  Incredulously, with each wave of tormenting pain came a vision and experience that transported me into deep layers of humanity normally hidden from my view.

With throngs of pain I suddenly sensed the agony of war victims all over the world. I felt their limbs blown off, their body’s reaction to wounds and injury with no hope of relief.  In another wave I was transported to cancer wards, feeling the throbbing, nauseating pain of the disease having its way with its hosts.  In yet another wave, I was catapulted to the streets of cities as a homeless person in agony and torment.  I was then in the experience of an addict with so much physical and emotional pain, a new level of knowing came for any form of relief.  For hours and hours I was physically experiencing deep levels of human suffering I could never have known unless I was in it.  Unable to speak, unable to move, I simply birthed the suffering of humanity through my own cells.

After a week of slow recovery and pain management I can only now see how this experience has transformed me.  I was birthed once again into a new world I did not know existed. Though I knew it intellectually, I did not “know it” in my being.  A level of wakefulness stretched through my being into every cell, making me into someone new.  With each pang of pain came a much larger, global experience that I can no longer deny.  The pain and suffering of many on our planet became my pain because I was given the experience of knowing them, and caring about them, and ultimately loving them for what they endure.  As each day passes I think of people I have known in the past that had to endure great levels of pain and only now can my heart truly open to them.  Only now do I humbly have some idea of what they must have felt, and my heart opens even more.

I am changed for having had the experience and can never go back to not knowing what I now know. The hell of physical pain is a birthing passage to a new awareness.  Humanity is connected through an invisible thread of pain running through each and every one of us. Suffering is a great teacher, albeit a difficult one, but it tethers us like an umbilical cord to the pulsation of life itself.  If we allow the pain to do its work at the physical level, it will change us at every other level as well.  It will connect us to compassion as a deep, throbbing ache for others.  It will evoke kindness and understanding from the fact that everyone has life trials of their own.  Gratitude will emanate in waves for the simplest pleasures.  Like a beautiful new baby birthed into the physical world by its mother, we too are birthed by our labour into a new world where we are connected to everything and everyone, everywhere; without exception.


Resting comfortably with love,



Teresa L. DeCicco, PhD is the author of “Living Beyond the Five Senses” available at the BUY NOW button at the top of the page and in bookstores everywhere.  See more of her work at


How Can “YOU” Change The World?

It’s been some time since I’ve found the motivation to blog given recent world events. These events have inevitably made me feel I have little to add to current human thought patterns. What can I possibly say that would make any sense and, what topic could be meaningful in light of events that are harming our human population as a whole? I have been rendered speechless for quite some time.  Acts of violence on innocent people quickly drape a dark veil of helplessness amongst us.  Eventually, I had to reframe my life in terms of events I had no control over and begin living in a new way, unclouded by random terror.  Slowly, I found a way.

The first step was to return to the place within the self where one has complete control of thoughts and feelings.  No one can get into this place unless they are given permission.  Holocaust survivors and survivors of other catastrophic events have taught us this in their profound writings.  In order to survive external events, we must live from within ourselves. This is the place where we create life as we wish it to be by changing the mind in relation to events that cannot change.  It may not be easy, but it is a survival mode that empowers and carries with it, a powerful sense of change.  By changing thoughts we inevitably change our feelings since these are profoundly connected.  So with this one step, we begin to feel that we, at the very least, have control of our own world in some small way.  Having realized this, we protect our thoughts and feelings with our life, since they are in fact, creating our life.  We firmly do not let negative events, negative people or distorted views into our being no matter who is espousing them; the media, family, friends or foe.  Their views may be true however, they cause helplessness and disempowerment and for that reason, they are kept outside the realm of personal thoughts and feelings.

The next step was to keep personal energy as high as possible.  This means being vigilant about thought streams to the best of one’s ability.  The minute we catch a thought stream such as having a fictitious argument or playing out scenarios of negativity, these are stopped in their tracks.  These again, are fuel for a fire that eventually burns the host more than anyone else.  Alternatively, thoughts are held steadfastly on subjects that uplift the emotions.  Holding firmly to thoughts that shift the body into feeling well ultimately serves the host with good health in the physical, mental and emotional dimensions.  This is extremely beneficial however, how can this possibly help others?

Humans are social creatures going about their lives interacting with others and often unknowingly to them, causing a domino effect.  The domino effect is such that negative thoughts and feelings ultimately spread to others like a contagious disease.  When we scowl at the grocery teller she feels this deeply and eventually begins scowling at everyone who comes through the line.  Everyone leave the grocery line feeling a little bit negative and carry this to their family, friends or workplace.  Similarly, if we use driving in traffic as a way to vent our anger at others by cursing and gesturing profanity we spread this like a disease to others.  On the other hand, if we keep our personal energy as high as possible and only react in a positive way, this too gets absorbed by others. Politeness, kind words, simple positive gestures begin to spread to communities in like measure.  We are fooling ourselves if we think each and every one of us has no effect.  Every positive word and every positive gesture moves through the world through the domino effect because each human being is a cell in the body of all life.

We can then ask ourselves, what part are we adding to the body of all of humanity?  When one of us turns away from gossip, the level of negativity drops. When one of us stops talking about negative events we cannot control, we stop the vicious cycle of creating a wave of something that can get out of control.  When we begin smiling at others, a positive feeling is created.  When we say please and thank you, we subtlety change the environment around us.  When we stop profanity and opt to say something nice, it overwhelmingly affects the people around us.  So we cannot underestimate the power we have on the world in general.  Everything we think, say, and do moves like a wave through others, communities, and the world.

So in the end, personal empowerment is what uplifts the self and then slowly uplifts others.  We spread out personal energy through the domino effect and protect it with our lives.  Like many who have survived catastrophic events before us, we continue to contribute to the goodness of life with our goodness. Slowly our own motivation to live a happy life returns.  Slowly we begin to feel empowered in our own little world; and slowly we become aware of the fact that we are making a difference in the grand scheme of all things.  What we each add to the grand energetic system of collective life will ultimately determine the direction in which life will continue to progress.  We take responsibility for our part and only then can we change the world. One thought at a time, one small action at a time.


May this uplift you,