Solving Problems While You Sleep – How Does This Happen?

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Note: This is a real dream and waking life situation however, the names and identifying characteristics have been changed to protect the identity of everyone involved.

Little Andre lay in his bed with his mother attentively watching over him.  He looked particularly small for 10 years of age given he had been sick now for what felt like an eternity.  In actual fact he had been ill for a week with no answers from doctors as to why he was so desperately unwell.  Since coming home from school one day he went to bed with complaints of feeling ill.  Within a day he could no longer speak, he was no longer conscious, and his little body simply kept breathing short, shallow breaths.

Andre’s mother had been informed that morning by the doctor that a spinal tap would be necessary.  They didn’t know what to do otherwise, as all tests had come up negative.  The desperate attempt now was to see if the cerebral spinal fluid was infected and rendering him comatose.  The words had hit her like a blow to the head.  Andre was her entire life and for that reason she had fought so hard for him to live in a world she carefully controlled. A world she felt was best for him.  In reality, Andre was all she had.

Having not slept for days she finally collapsed into a chair beside the little boy’s bed and fell into a deep, life-saving sleep.  During her sleep she had a dream image of Andre looking at her with a stern face. He held a bat in his hand and was slowly kicking a soccer ball against what appeared to be a brick wall.

“What are you doing Andre?” She asked.  “I’m faking”, he responded by spitting the words out to her.  She woke up with a start from her sleep and suddenly felt disoriented as she quickly hoisted herself out of the chair.  She stood over her young son’s bed and watched him breath.  He was so frail in his pyjamas for not having eaten in so long.  He looked pale, with dark circles under his eyes.

Slowly she bent over him and whispered, “You better not be faking Andre”.  For the first time in days he slowly began to move.  He wiggled his little body slightly and grimaced in an attempt to speak.  Gradually he replied in a weak whisper, “I am, and I’m going to keep doing it too.”  With both elation and fear she stood bolt upright and ran for a nurse.

Andre began speaking to the nurse while disclosing the bitter divorce between his father and mother made him so sad he didn’t want to live another day.  His mother had pushed his father out of his life and this made life unbearable for the young boy.  Shortly thereafter, the diagnosis of a psychiatric disorder was given and Andre was moved to the psychiatric ward for treatment.

It’s here we see a special class of dreams that provide information for situations that require immediate and direct attention.  These dreams provide answers, direction and solutions to waking day situations that need to be attended to as dire consequences are eminent.  This category of dream imagery allows for the perception of a life event to change or to come into conscious awareness so waking day problems can be solved.  The dream is often short, shocking, and memorable.

The imagery in these dreams is often exaggerated to get the attention of the dreamer.  Most often the outcomes are not nearly as outrageous as they are in the dream itself but the dreamer becomes incredibly aware of the circumstances at hand.  Characters will appear larger than life and situations far more dramatic or horrific than what they would be in waking day.  It’s with these tactics that dreams grab the attention of the dreamer so direct action can be taken.  Of course the dreams can be ignored but the unconscious mind is doing its part to break through to the conscious mind for the benefit of the dreamer, and, everyone involved.  These dreams are of an extraordinary nature with very direct information being conveyed for the betterment of the self while allowing the healing process for deep, unconscious wounds.  Unknowingly, we are actually answer-seeking from the unconscious mind to help us navigate through difficult life circumstances.

Sweet Dreams,


Dr. Teresa L. DeCicco is the author of numerous scientific articles and the books “Living Beyond the Five Senses: The Emergence of a Spiritual Being”,  “The Giant Compass: Navigating The Life of Your Dreams” and “La Bussola dei Sogni”.  See more of her work at




The Real Reason You’re Being Chased in a Dream


Exhausted and frantic Emma runs for her life.  She can feel the stranger literally breathing on her neck as she runs into an abandoned building and down a flight of stairs in frenetic haste.  She can feel the cold rail as she grabs for it to not lose her balance.  She suddenly stumbles down one stair as she loses her footing and miraculously finds herself back in step with the stairs.  The stranger gets closer and closer and she can intuitively feel he has a weapon and will harm her if she stops.  Gasping for air as he gets closer and closer, he grabs the back of her shirt to pull her in for the kill.  Just then she wakes up in a sweat with a start.  Emma has experienced the global, common and well-known dream imagery of being chased.  This imagery is experienced by people of all ages and in every culture all around the world and has existed in the mind of humanity since the beginning of time.

Research and applied work on dreams and dreaming have revealed dream imagery to be directly connected to the dreamer’s waking life in some way.  Paradoxically, being chased in a dream is both a global theme and a very personal one, at the same time.  The imagery is common in that it’s often experienced by many and will manifest itself over and over again but the “message” is deeply personal to the dreamer alone.

One person being chased by a stranger may reflect the fear and anxiety of a new boss at work with a connection to someone who is literally “breathing down your neck”.  Another may dream of being chased by a wild creature which can be linked to a childhood event that is now recurring again for that dreamer; “a predator” perhaps.  In another instance, the perpetrator may be a relative or friend, indicating a direct message that this person is trying to harm the dreamer in waking day in some way.  The work of the dreamer is to be aware of the imagery (e.g. don’t ignore it) and then slowly begin making the connection to waking day events.

Chasing dreams are a straight-forward survival mechanism so once a dream has been acknowledged the message or meaning will be realized in order to avoid mistakes or damaging events in waking life.  Though the meaning may not always be obvious upon waking, after a few days or weeks the meaning will be manifested.  If the dream is ignored and the message is extremely profound for the well-being of the dreamer, the imagery will recur.  The dreaming mind is one of the greatest protection mechanisms for each and every person and will not let up if the dreamer is in eminent peril.  So being chased in a dream is a very simple mechanism for alerting a dreamer of the potential for being harmed, which can be completed avoided or minimized, by simply heeding it’s message.

Stay safe,


Dr. Teresa L. DeCicco is the author of numerous scientific articles and the books “Living Beyond the Five Senses: The Emergence of a Spiritual Being”, “The Giant Compass: Navigating The Life of Your Dreams” and “La Bussola dei Sogni”.  See more of her work at

How A Dream and a Piece of Cake Can Change Your Life

I recently awoke from sleep having had a clear, brief and profound dream with a close friend telling me I had cancer.  She appeared very certain, with a stern and forceful look on her face while stating emphatically, “you have cancer”.  From my research and writing on dreams I knew this could be one of two things: a “prodromal dream” telling me directly of this health issue, or, it was a “warning dream” telling me to be aware of an impending health situation.  Either way, I knew my unconscious mind was telling my conscious mind to become alert.

From that day onward I began watching my health while being very aware of the recent dream imagery.  I called the friend who had appeared in my dream for any insight she may have but we didn’t seem to make any real connection.  A few days later another friend called and in casual conversation she told me she had eaten a piece of cake and consequently, the cake had made her quite ill for the day causing lethargy, upset stomach and other symptoms relating to food sensitivity.  It was in the description of her condition that a light bulb went off in me.  I too had all the symptoms of severe food sensitivity that had gone on for weeks but unknowingly to me, I pushed the symptoms out of my mind and continued to function as best I could.  It was in that very moment I made the connection between her cake-eating condition, my dream, and the symptoms I had been ignoring.

The dream was warning me of a health condition by bringing a shocking message into my conscious mind.  Warning dreams do that so the dreamer can become abruptly aware of a waking day situation. I then began being conscious of the foods I was eating and quickly found the culprit.  Within one day I found the food that made me ill within one hour of ingesting it.  As simple as it was, my daily routine of eating oatmeal was making me very sick.  Brain-fog, bloating, nausea and lethargy hit me like a fast-moving train and this is what my unconscious mind was telling me.  We can go about our busy lives by repressing physical symptoms until they become unbearable.  The dreaming mind is extremely watchful over the body and brings important information into the conscious mind for our own benefit-albeit in a shocking and uncomfortable way.  How else would we heed the advice if we’ve become accustomed to ignoring our own body and mind? This is how the unconscious speaks to us through our night-time mentation in order to help us in every facet of life, especially with our health and all we have to do is listen.

To your best health,


Dr. Teresa L. DeCicco is the author of the books “Living Beyond the Five Senses: The Emergence of a Spiritual Being” and “The Giant Compass: Navigating The Life of Your Dreams”.  See more of her work at

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