How Taxi Drivers and Parking Attendants are The Greatest Teachers

I have a flight to catch and the traffic is backed up for miles.  I’ve left 3 hours early to be sure to I get there on time and make the flight.  I have a meeting at the destination point that feels very, very important to me.  Why can I just not get there?  If this is my life’s calling and I’m to be where I’m intended to be, how can I be delayed by unbearable traffic?  The thought combined with the cars all around me pushing and inching to go nowhere are making me desperate.  I feel trapped.  I just want to make my flight.

As this day would have it, I can’t get anywhere near the airport and my mind begins to look for alternate plans.  I can park away from the airport (at the cost of a fortune) and get a cab there.  This might just work even though the traffic is mounting around me and so are tempers.  Humans, like animals, begin to instinctively react in survival mode when overcrowding closes in.

I find a parking lot and take a deep breath.  I might make this flight after all.  The parking attendant tells me I can stay there for a few nights but charges a high fee and cash only.  Darting for the nearest cash machine, I now know I might make it; only to find the machine with a piece of paper taped on it saying it was out of order.  The thought occurs to me there and then that perhaps I won’t make my flight and more importantly, I’m not supposed to.  My rational mind still wants to get where I want to go.

The parking attendant, clearly sensing my desperation, begins to help me with my parking issue.  He takes all the cash I have (about half of his fee) and suggests I put my car in a spot close to his booth.  As he’s talking, he’s calling a cab for me and I can instantly see a cab rushing toward us.  This man serenely suggests I calm down and “trust that everything will work out as it should”.  His words go through me like a knife.  I have said those very words over and over to myself and others but hearing them now made more sense than ever.

I’m met by a warm and gentle taxi driver and inform him I have 10 minutes to make a flight.  Due to all the road closings he becomes a James Bond type driver, whizzing the wrong way down one-way streets and cautiously but meticulously maneuvering the car.  I’m now at the point of tears and he sees my distress.  The taxi driver becomes my teacher; he tells me that I’m late for a reason I do not yet know.  He says everything in life is to be trusted so I never have a reason to worry.  Just try your best and then trust it all works as it should, he says.  He quickly drops me off and waives the taxi fee.  I take the time to pay him now knowing I will miss my flight.  I missed it because two of my greatest teachers were exactly where they needed to be when I needed them; one in a parking booth and the other driving a taxi.  They were there to remind me that I cannot control the external world and I can just do what I can do.  The rest is not for me know.

I patiently wait for the next flight.