Can We Actually Dream About The Future?

From the earliest dream recordings came the notion that people can dream about the future.  People have depicted this phenomena by writing them down or in dream sharing by word of mouth, for eons.  The claim has been that dream images will appear during sleep which are then accurately played out in waking day at some point in the future. For example, a woman dreams her husband is taken to hospital in an ambulance as she drives behind the ambulance wondering why he suddenly became ill.  Three days later her husbands collapses at work and she’s called to rush to hospital. He was taken in by ambulance.  Though some details differ, the most important aspect of the dream is accurately played out.

Can these precognitive events actually occur or are these occurring by co-incidence?  For many years people reported them but researchers dismissed them. In more recent years researchers have in fact designed experiments to prove precognition is occurring for many people.  One set of experiments had people dream about an unknown target with statistically significant results.  That means they had dream imagery of the target above the probability of chance.  Other studies have had people sleep in a research lab while someone tried to telepathically “send” emotional information about a waking event.  Again, the dreams had information content about the event, above chance. That is, they were dreaming about the event more than what they would have simply by chance.

People who have been through near-death experiences, traumatic life events, or other life-altering experiences are more likely to report these dream experiences.  Others report them from a very early age as a very natural part of their dreaming experience.  Some keep the dream pattern for their entire lives while others ignore them so they go away.  In any event, people have always reported them and continue to do so to date.  This dream pattern has certainly stood the test of time.

So it appears the old tales of precognitive dreaming have some validity but more scientific inquiry is needed to explain how this is so.  Most importantly, finding how this occurs is a valid path of study.  Scientific studies combined with more reports of this dream experience will open the vista for how and why some people can accurately dream about the future.



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Teresa L. DeCicco, PhD, is the author of “Living Beyond the Five Senses: The Emergence of a Spiritual Being” and “The Giant Compass: Navigating The Life of Your Dreams”  You can see more of her work at Teresa DeCicco Website