What Does Spielberg say About Living Beyond the Five Senses?

In a recent talk by Steven Spielberg he made the most insightful comment on how to know your life’s dream. While paraphrasing, he basically says the message comes in a whisper and is felt in the heart as a tug.  The call never screams or cajoles, but only whispers quietly to the inner self.  If this is so, most would ask, if it’s a quiet sensation, how exactly will we know when it’s happening to us?close encounters

Firstly, the whisper is beyond the five senses in that it comes as a quiet inner voice that is both heard and felt deep within the self.  It’s a subtle wave of emotion mixed with a knowing that this “whisper” is stirring a new sense of direction.  It’s not a frightening feeling in any way, unless the mind begins to analyze and dissect it, it’s rather soothing with a mix of excitement.  In order to sense it, we must be quiet enough in ourselves to actually hear it once it happens and once this whisper has been heard and felt, it tends to not go away so easily.

The whisper will be persistent as a felt sense until some form of action is taken.  It may be a sense that a creative outlet is urging such as painting, building, writing or making music. It may be an informative tug that an important relationship has come to it’s end and this can’t be ignored any longer.  Once the whisper has made itself known, it doesn’t fade away and it keeps uttering it’s secret; buy some paint and take a class it says, build a new tool, write a few lines, it reminds quietly.  It wants to be heard and it wants to be recognized.

The whisper will also make itself known in night-time dream imagery when the conscious mind is put to rest and the unconscious is allowed to dance freely.  The imagery will begin to present scenarios and scenes that will trigger awareness of a new life path.  The seed can be planted in the mind while sleeping to allow it time to germinate it’s way into conscious awareness.  In waking day a new thought will then appear, as clear as ever, for a new and exciting path to emerge.  A new line of work, the pull to travel to exciting places, the release of a long-standing relationship that oppresses one’s vitality; any of these will appear as a clear, sunny sky after a storm.  The whisper has revealed its secret again.

Our work is to be mindful of our inner life and to be ready to listen to the whisper when it’s ready to utter it’s words.  If our mind is cluttered with constant chatter and schemes of how we want things to be we will surely miss it.  If our emotional lives are filled with fear, anxiety, and vicissitudes of emotion we will surely mask the true calling of our lives.  We will be too busy living a life we “think” we should create rather than the one we truly “wish” to create.  It’s the whisper and the tug of the heart that we wait for and is waiting for us.

With patience and a clear mind,


Teresa L. DeCicco, PhD is the author of “Living Beyond the Five Senses” and “The Giant Compass: Navigating the Life of Your Dreams” available at http://www.amazon.com and in bookstores everywhere.  See more of her work at www.teresadecicco.org