Lessons From The Light

I recently had the opportunity to attend and present at a conference where many of the presenters had had NDEs of various sorts.  Most shared their incredibly moving experiences of traveling to a light upon physical death which left them forever changed.  Head injuries, accidents, and illnesses left most of the presenters completely transformed and returning with a newly found life purpose.  Interestingly, this purpose seemed to be as varied as those who had journeyed to the great beyond.

As a result of transitioning from the body to a light body and back, various unique skills and talents blossomed.  These were then embedded in the conference presentations.  These brilliant jewels were meant to be shared with their fellow kind.  Perhaps the most portant lesson I learned came from observing presenters both during the talks I attended and then, outside of the program throughout the conference.

One common theme for the NDE presenters was the ability to heal the physical and emotional bodies of others.  With various techniques the healers reported being able to shrink tumours, diagnose ailments, and perform many other forms of healing.  Story after story brought to light the new-found abilities an NDE could have on an individual.

One healer generously offered discussion and feedback to anyone wishing to speak to her after recounting her incredible journey from an NDE. Interestingly, when approached with a question about a health issue, she emphatically snapped “not now”.  No doubt, from being overwhelmed with requests, the healer of the physical world did not appear to be the healer of the great beyond.  Her good intention to offer advice and healing during her talk was overcome by her own humanness.  That being,  the part of us that can get impatient and irritable when things are not going the way we expect them go.

Another presenter, after an NDE, had the interesting ability to detect spirit guides and instructed others to do so with a complicated, methodical protocol.  Upon leaving the conference she was spotted racing through the hotel in a mad rush to catch a cab.  Running with her suitcase on wheels through the hotel lobby, hitting guests in her path, demanding people get out of her way, and forcing her will to catch a flight on the physical plane.  Did she not trust her guides, I wondered?  Again, the lessons learned from the light can be forgotten when the human condition is back in full force.

So what did I learn from observing these experiences? Firstly, I have much to learn from those who have had NDE experiences.  I have no doubt their skills are unique and through their work, they are truly working for the betterment of all others.  I learned new therapeutic techniques and I learned how to tap into sources I could otherwise not do on my own.  The courses were indeed invaluable.

Secondly, I learned the ego is alive in well upon returning from an NDE.  It may have settled down its fervor for wanting what it wants, but for the most part, the ego is still there.  When back in the physical plane with the ability to think and have free-will, ego-centred behaviour may return and old behaviour patterns become active once again.  Impatience, lack of trust, judgement and all other ego-centered behaviours are just reminding us of perhaps the one big reason people return from an NDE; that is, because there is still much to learn.  Those things not yet completed at the time of the NDE are still there.  Along with all the gifts and special talents, this may be the biggest lesson of all from the light.  There are still things to be done.  There are attachments to become detached from.  There are still steps to be taken to learn what the physical world has yet to teach; otherwise, returning would not have been an option.

With Love and Gratitude,


Teresa L. DeCicco, PhD is the author of “Living Beyond the Five Senses” available at the “BUY NOW” button at the top of the page and in bookstores everywhere