Shattering The Grand Illusion!

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Have you ever noticed the voice in your head that doesn’t stop talking? It’s busy judging, commenting on everything that happens, and having an opinion.  It keeps nattering about things that happened in the past or might happen in the future. In fact, we all have this inner voice in our heads while some are aware of it and others are completely unconscious to it.

When life is lived with little or no awareness of the “voice in the head” it becomes completely driven by this voice.  Eventually you can believe that the voice in the head is who you are. You may believe you’re the one who’s talking and having a say about everything, but perhaps this is not so.  What if the voice in the head is not actually generating your own thoughts?

The mind produces an entire life of its own by keeping stories alive over and over again.  It plays out scenarios and keeps them thriving by adding emotion.  In turn, what keeps the mind going is the concept of “I” and this “I” has things to do. In fact, every event in the physical world is neutral until the mind attaches its own meaning to it.  A man loses his job and this is either the most devastating thing that happens to him or the best thing because it becomes his ticket to a new life.  A relationship ends and it’s considered devastation or a new beginning.  The voice in the head will concoct numerous stories around events, and usually they’re rooted in stories heard in childhood, from the media, or other sources.  My mother and her mother and her mother believed that so now I believe that.  The news perpetuates something so it must be true.  On and on the mind goes spinning its web.

Eventually, the voice in the head becomes so powerful we believe it’s who we are.  We believe it’s OUR voice speaking to us.  From here, the next step in the cycle is perpetuated when we become invested in this sense of self, which we define with “I”.  This “I” wants to survive at all costs.  It wants to win, to be better than, to be recognized and to be acknowledged.  So herein lies the crux of the grand illusion.  This “I” is an egoic identity concerned with matters of the world and believes them all to be real when in fact, it’s making it all up.

When you identify with your thoughts you make them real and this triggers impulses and desires which makes them real too.  If you think of a lemon you will quickly find your mouth watering at the very thought.  It’s exactly the same with every day matters as the mind focuses on thoughts, they feel real and identity or “I” becomes enmeshed with these.  The mind believes everything it thinks with the voice in the head.

So when we recognize the voice and begin stopping it, a new reality emerges.  By catching the voice before it runs rampant with thoughts or meditating to settle it down, we wake up to a new life.  The great reality is that life is a force in and of itself and this force is in everything so material things are not what they seem.  They only have meaning and importance when this is created by the voice in the head.  Life is simply experiencing itself through our eyes and hands.  The mind is part of something much larger than what the “I” likes to think it is.  So the separate, limited you is a dream. It’s being created by a part of the mind that wants to have a say.  The “I” or egoic identity can be disregarded at any moment if the thinker decides to discard to.

When you decide to stop the little voice from speaking you realize that you are pure life force.  You become aware that there is thought and aware that you have emotions.  You also become aware of your body but that the body is not you.  You’re aware that there is a sense perception within you and aware of any egoic behaviour and attachments within yourself.  At this moment, you have shattered the grand illusion that so many humans live by.  There is a world within the world meaning one world is that of pure perception and the other is created by attaching thoughts to things by the voice in the head.

Once the voice is recognized for what it is, you come to know that you are spacial awareness within which it all happens. You are actually not a “person” at all, but a field of pure awareness, pure consciousness.  It’s this that is experiencing life through you.  It’s this that is life and will never die because the world is simply a manifestation of the life force happening through you.

So the grand illusion that death is real is also shattered when we wake from the dream.  The truth is unveiled as the life force running through all things comes to know itself for the first time.  Everything created by egoic mind whether it be war, death, illness, corruption or wealth are all manifestations of a mind cut off from who it really is.  Masses of minds can join together and create larger illusions based on group think.  Alternatively, we can all wake up and realize what we are creating and create something new or at the very least, not participate in what is being created.  When the world and its illusions are simply being observed and the egoic mind slowly dwindles away, the reality of life comes to be known.  The reality that is more powerful and infinite than any little voice in the head could possibly create.

With love and humility,


Teresa L. DeCicco, PhD is a university professor, research and author of Psychology.  Her newest book “Living Beyond the Five Senses” is available at the “BUY NOW” button at the top of the page and in bookstores everywhere.

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When It Happens to YOU…..This Is What Happens

It can happen in a multitude of ways yet always occurs seamlessly and painlessly.  It’s probably the most profound, confusing, yet mind-blowing experience we can have while on this planet.   As a professor and clinician in the field of psychology, I’ve had the pleasure of hearing hundreds of ways this has happened to people and each time, I’m thrilled and exhilarated to hear it again.  I’m thrilled because it allows me to relive my own personal experiences, which have occurred in several different ways.  Each time, it has left me with a certainty that one can only know through direct experience.  This experience is that of leaving one’s own body and feeling the true essence of who we really are, separate from the physical body.  The great mystery of life is set free.

Upon leaving the body, we become pure consciousness in an unbridled and uninhibited way.  We feel as though there is no weight or substance to that which we are, yet we know we exist in this new form.  I am still me. I am completely aware, and certainly more aware than ever.  I still exist but with more alertness and clarity than can ever be imagined.  I can see far beyond what is in front of me, yet seeing is also a multi-sensory sensation.  I also hear with clarity, sounds so beautiful I feel them through my entire being.  In fact, every sensation is beyond comprehension and certainly too much for a physical brain and body to absorb.  It’s only upon release from the body that the full harmony of multisensory capabilities can truly be felt.

Communication is telepathic and instantaneous.  The minute I ask a question in my mind, the answer is superimposed onto the question.  I know the answer, the instant I ask it.  I can ask anything I wish to know; all knowledge is there about the past and the future I have yet to experience.  Asking questions is not so much my concern because the sensation of being out of the physical body is so incredible I just want to be there.  In that very moment, I want to be there and nowhere else.

So how does this incredible experience come about to reveal the secret to life within the human body? One way is through Near-Death-Experiences because when the body dies for some period of time, the release of the life-force is allowed to occur.  This can happen in accidents, through surgery, profound illness, or in any other way life as we know it, ceases to function.  One woman was struck by lightning twice within an hour, and was released from her body on both occasions.  A man finds himself standing behind the surgeon performing surgery on his body during by-pass.  In another instance, a woman watches her body from the ceiling as a result of an anaphylactic reaction.  In so many ways the life-force within the body can easily release and be free.

In other instances the body does not die but rather, is under conditions that allow a similar experience.  Extreme pain or profound illness can cause the life-force to release.  One woman reports being in hospital with extreme pain when suddenly the pain ceases as she watches her body from above the bed.  She describes her experience as blissful and her body is not part of the experience at all.  Emotional pain through traumatic events can also result in the separation of the body and its life-force.  The life-force releases to a place of complete peace and utter joy; it’s free from the sensation of pain of any kind.

Many others report having a similar sensation induced by drugs.  One young man finds himself floating over his body at the ceiling watching his drug-induced body below him.  Others report having journeys through realms that teach them the purpose of life with instructions as how they are to change in order to live more fulfilling lives.  Similarly, deep meditation and lucid dreaming can also leave the body in one place while the essence of life is in another.  These states have been used by people all over the planet to discover new realms and learn about life itself.

So it doesn’t really matter how it happens or when.  For some people it’s a one-time, life changing experience.  For others, they have multiple occurrences with multiple lessons learned.  It does however seem there are several important factors when it occurs.  Firstly, it’s more real than anything the physical body can experience.  Being released from the body allows for multi-sensory sensations to be experienced beyond what the five senses can possibly allow.  Secondly, it’s unforgettable.  Even if we try to forget the experience and go back to the physical world as we see it, the secret has been let out and can never be completely erased from memory.  Thirdly, this is not an intellectual pursuit which can be known with the brain/mind.  It’s a voyage, an experience beyond anything we can know or understand until it happens directly to us.  When it happens to you, you’re forever changed.  Lastly (but not exhaustively), when in communication or in the presence of others who have also had the experience, we feel at home.  We feel a kindred tie, familiarity, and a bond because once again, we feel the true essence of the life we really are.

With Love and Connectedness,


Teresa L. DeCicco, PhD is a university professor, research, and author in the field of Psychology.  Her newest book “Living Beyond the Five Senses” is available at the “BUY NOW” button at the top of the page and in bookstores everywhere.  woman and sunSee more of her work on youtube:

The First Sign You’re Living Beyond the Five Senses

The five senses provide information in a way that allows the majority of people to understand the world around them.  Some people however, are certain they’re able to receive information beyond what they see, taste, smell, hear, and touch. If information is actually received beyond what the everyday physical world reveals, how can we be sure we’re able to recognize, receive and understand that information?

One of the first signs is that a major life-changing event normally precipitates the ability to know something that cannot be explained with the five senses alone.  These life changing events can be in the form of Near-Death-Experiences (NDE), Out-of-Body Experiences (OBE), trauma, catastrophic illness, or any other life event that causes one’s world view to change dramatically.  Near-Death and Out-of-Body Experiences often leave people in complete awe of what they’ve experienced.  The merging with light, the ability to see one’s own body from a vantage point, communicating telepathically with other beings and so much more, brings shock and often confusion about what the physical world is really about.

Debilitating illness and pain often result in a similar awareness.  Separating from the body in some way while experiencing one’s consciousness, clearly and purely, brings astounding awareness.  Many people report a similar revelation while being intoxicated or while having drug-induced experiences.  Deep meditation and Shamanic journeys can have similar effects. The consciousness of the experiencer is separated from the body in such a way that there is awareness of this phenomena; the body is but one reality while other realities also exist.

The next phase of knowing comes when the experiencer realizes and accepts the world is not what it seems.  The physical world experienced through the senses is not the only world in existence.  The world of commerce, fashion, relationships, customs and culture are but one layer in the fabric of consciousness.  There is in fact a world within the world and when one knows and accepts this, living beyond the five senses occurs.  The world within the world is felt and understood in ways where the senses enmesh together to bring perception and understanding in a new way.  This new way is often difficult to articulate and may even be a mystery to the experiencer.  “I just know”, might be one way of expressing the information or, “It came to me from nowhere”, is another.  The reason for this is that information perceived beyond the five senses is subtle and mysterious.

One way to know if you’re indeed living beyond what you see, smell, feel, taste or hear is the awareness of a new sense called “See-Know-Feel”.  Information comes into conscious knowing from an enmeshment of senses, simultaneously.  If you look at a person you may see something about them, know something about their life and feel it to be true, all at the same time; often this occurs with a very strong sensation.  For example, a man hears his boss tell him he’s going to get promoted but he “see-know-feels” that this is not the truth.  The information exudes from the boss in a wave of knowing that hits like a flash.  If one is not both open and attentive, the information is easily missed.  In another situation a young woman extols the virtues of her husband while in a flash the “see-know-feel” wave of information reveals a secret extramarital affair, very subtlety and hidden.  The knowing of the information is strong and perhaps most importantly, can be put to the test in the physical world.

When information is perceived such as a sick family member or a dishonest friend, the knower of the information can sit with it and watch what unfolds.  Decisions are made carefully as more and more information is revealed at the physical level.  A story unfolds in the physical realm that either matches the “see-know-feel” information or contradicts it.  By working with the information beyond the five senses, one can hone the skill and become more adept at using it.

So only the experiencer can know for sure if he or she is living in the world within the world.  A trauma or catastrophic experience is followed by the understanding that the physical world is but one reality.  The ability to accept and perceive information in the form of “See-Know-Feel” is then confirmed by what occurs in the physical world.  By being open to receiving the subtle information and beginning to work with it, one can be sure that life is truly being lived beyond what the five senses alone reveal.

Teresa L. DeCicco, PhD is a university professor, research and author of Psychology.  Her newest book “Living Beyond the Five Senses” is available at the “BUY NOW” button at the top of the page and in bookstores everywhere.

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