Near-Death Experience (NDE) -How Can You Know It Really Happens?

Perhaps there is no greater mystery than that which explains where one goes upon physical death.  Philosophers such as Plato and Socrates have made postulations.  Religious and spiritual leaders pose even more explanations.  Interestingly, the answer has been written on cave walls, in ancient art, in literature, and depicted in popular culture; all in plain view.

Since the beginning of time ordinary people of every ilk have claimed to have experienced passing from this life to the next and returned to tell the tale of their adventure.  People report having seen a tunnel of light, being met by spirit beings, seeing and communicating with deceased loved ones, having experienced a massive white light that exudes pure love, and more.  Some have even reported the complete opposite of this experience having been met with darkness, evil, and denigration.  No matter what the experience, afterward, generally people convey the message that the choices one makes in this life shape the experiences one will have upon death.  They go further to say that life continues outside the physical body in a non-physical, eternal form.  Sceptics of every sort have tried to debunk such experiences with arguments of brain synapses, the heart not yet failed, and many other intellectual contortions. The interesting point to be made is that from the beginning of the human experience people have reported leaving the body and returning with accounts of the knowledge they have gained.

Ascent of the Blessed is a Hieronymus Bosch painting made after 1490. It can be found in the Palazzo Ducale, in VeniceItaly, and depicts the NDE account in vivid detail.  A more recent account comes from Dr. Eben Alexander, a sceptic of such matters and neurosurgeon, who was brain dead for a week and kept alive by medical means.  He returns to account having left the body to discover the great mystery that awaits anyone in the human experience.  From long past to recent times, there have been thousands of accounts of these experience throughout humanity, all with similar themes.  So how can one really know such an experience has occurred?

For those who have had the experience of becoming a non-physical form of one’s self and then returning into the physical form, it’s a permanent, life-changing event.  There is a personality change that renders the physical being immensely different for having had the experience.  There’s also a noticeable change in one’s physical appearance.  There is calmness in the face, a gentle demeanour, joy that exudes the body, and deep peace in the eyes.  This transformation is one that is clearly recognized by others who have had a similar experience.

After a true NDE the changes are shockingly noticeable.  The changes are so profound they often lead to relationship damage or dissolution because the person who has had the NDE is literally unrecognizable.  If someone was achievement striving and competitive they can become agreeable, accepting and co-operative.  If they were angry and aggressive, they become loving and peaceful.  People who have had an NDE also feel the need to help others or to contribute to something greater than them.  The focus is no longer on the self and what it can gain.

The changes that come with an NDE appear to be intense, long-lasting, completely out of character for the person, and enduring.  What is most enduring is the memory of how it felt to be merged with the light.  One never forgets seeing one’s own body from the ceiling, seeing things from a vantage point unknown to the physical body alone.  When it happens, the changes can be so dramatic there is no doubt something phenomenal has occurred.

After meeting the world that exists beyond the physical body, one can never really go back fully to the physical world.  It’s an unforgettable, profound experience that does not fade.  From that point on the feeling of being in a space of pure light, extreme love unknown in physical form, and a mystery revealed, does not disappear.  So the only way to know someone has had a near-death experience is by having had one and recognizing the transformation in another; one becomes part of a private club, so to speak. When you’re in the club you know it and when you’re not, you have no idea what it means to be in it. I personally could not ever go back to knowing the world as it was after my own near death nearly 20 years ago.  I cannot pretend the world was what I thought it was prior to the event.  The veil had been lifted.

The need to share what lies ahead after death becomes a driving force in life and is evidenced everywhere once awareness of the experience is had.  Paintings, plays, modern writings, ancient writings, songs, movies, and more, all divulge the answer.  They are all revealing the secret of the eternal experience after physical form.  All worldly matters of illness, relationships, finances, and even suffering, are but a world playing a part within a much larger world.  Once you know the secret, you see it everywhere.

For my ally is the force, and a powerful ally it is.  Life creates it, makes it grow.  Its energy surrounds us and binds us.  Luminous beings we are. Not this crude matter.   Yoda

With Love, for that is all there really is.


Teresa L. DeCicco, PhD is a university professor, research and author of Psychology.  Her newest book “Living Beyond the Five Senses” is available at the “BUY NOW” button at the top of the page and in bookstores everywhere.

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