Eat your Chi: New Food for A New Planet

Chi (definition)-natural energy, life force, or energy flow

As living creatures we gain and store our energy source mainly through the foods we eat.  Luckily, the planet provides abundant sources of this energy with the food choices we ingest. This energy then becomes who we are, literally.  It becomes our hair, our skin, our organs, and provides the fuel for us to navigate through our lives.  Since we are unable to eat the sun’s energy directly, we eat it through the absorption of sunlight in plants and through the food chain.  Sadly, much of our food is now empty of energy and as such, has become Chi-less, dead food.  Dead food is that which has been processed, grown with toxic farming practices, or prepared with the sole intent of low cost and high profit.  All of these and more have led to the consumption of food with little or no energetic value other than high fat and refined sugar.

We are what we eat and with this being so, we should have the ability to transform ourselves with the foods we ingest.  Food that is contaminated with chemicals and negative food preparation (grilling in fat that is harmful to the body or mass-production of food that depletes it of all nutrients) should be visible on our faces, in our bodies and in our minds.  However, the opposite should also be true.  Food that provides uncontaminated solar and nutrient power should also put a glow on our faces and a skip in our step.

That being the case, I came across a woman who is preparing food with this very notion in mind.  Suzanne Cazelais of Oui Desserts! in Canada has created delicious treats that are carefully thought out and meticulously prepared.  Her delicious treats are made to provide an incredible taste experience with high voltage energy from natural, planet-safe foods.  Here is a case in point:  a summer treat of “Power Pops” are making their mark and sweeping the food revolution like a hurricane.  Working within the consciousness of the current tradition of eating ice cream and popsicles, she has created gluten free, dairy free, planet-friendly, high-energy deliciousness that makes us feel great!  This is a movement that should not be missed.

Popsicles explode with flavours of watermelon, Blueberry, Thai Basil, Banana and more.  Chocolate fudge pops are made without milk and are thick and delicious and incredible.  This is the new food for the new planet.  Not only are these a treat that uplift the mind, body and spirit, Ms. Cazelais has shown us that we can rethink food so as to enjoy it and uplift ourselves.  Food can have it all so there’s no sense of denying ourselves anything in hopes of better eating.  She has shown us that we can enjoy the pleasure of eating to the max while taking care of our energy by eating the most delicious, body-friendly foods the planet has to offer.  We can eat our Chi in the form of cakes, brownies, cookies, popsicles and fudge bars from Oui! Desserts.  All of this and more, when we rethink how food can be prepared with higher consciousness that respects the earth and our bodies (not to mention it’s fun and delicious to eat).  If we truly are what we eat, then we can have our cake and eat it too but we have to rethink our food choices and become aware of what we ingest.  Thank you to Ms. Cazelais for showing us a new and exciting way to eat our Chi.

You can check out Oui! Desserts at  or

Have yourself a delicious day!


Teresa L. DeCicco, PhD is the author of “Living Beyond the Five Senses” available at the BUY NOW button at the top of the page and in bookstores everywhere

Power Pops