What Blossoms Within?

Lilac Crop

What is it that we wear on our faces? What exactly puts life lines or a glow to make us tremendously radiant or  incredibly dull?

On a beautiful, sunny morning I ventured out into the countryside for a morning bike ride.  I cycle for my health but also to experience the surroundings I inevitably find myself in.  On this particular morning the wild lilac bushes are in bloom and line much of the street I’m on.  I take in the beautiful sunshine, the expanse of purple flowers, and the cornfields behind the lilacs peaking up green sprouts as I cycle by.

The fragrance of the purple lilacs is intoxicating.  I’m feeling tremendous gratitude for being in this very place at this moment as the birds are singing loudly all around me, orchestrating a concert of their own.  Suddenly, the sound of a car rushing up the road breaks my concentration, I instinctively look into my mirror and move safely out of the way.  So often it gets dangerous on clear country roads where vehicles drive much too fast with drivers thinking they are completely alone.  The driver speeds by, not noticing me at all.   After driving ahead quite some distance, I see him pull over and exit his vehicle.  He then disappears into a mass of lilac bushes.

As I tentatively approach, I see him come out of the mass of flowers carrying a huge bouquet of wild lilacs.  Still unaware that I am there he leans forward and picks a few more branches of the succulent blossoms and adds them to his overflowing bouquet.  In an instant, I begin to imagine the recipient of this gift and it makes me smile. I imagine a partner, a friend, an ill family member.  I imagine him placing them in a vase on the kitchen table for everyone to enjoy.  I imagine them in a bucket of water placed at the front door to greet guests because this is what I do with wild lilacs every year.

Seeing him pick the beautiful bouquet brought a rush of heartwarming emotion which then carried to mind waves of abundance.  I know that by picking lilacs the tree will bloom better and more vigorously the following year.  The tree will give more fragrance, more flowers, more beauty, and more joy for having been shared.  The thought strikes me profoundly and I realize that the lilac blossoms are the tree’s expression of life, love, and beauty.  This is the part of the tree that blossoms and grows and expands; and more so for having been given away.  We, just like the lilac tree, become adorned with that which we give away.

After my ride I came home and placed a beautiful bouquet of lilacs at my door to welcome guests into our home.  I also placed it there as a reminder to myself that whatever I give away to others is the very thing that will flourish and grow within me.

With Love and Joy,


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