What These Eyes Really See

Nest of BirdsDuring my gardening time today I was met by surprise with dark, black eyes peering out from under the deck.  A nest filled with baby birds nestled tightly, peering out at me as I peered at them.  They sat immobilized as I stared in complete awe of them. As I stared at them I wondered what they see when they are looking at me.  This made me wonder further, what any of us really see when we’re looking out at the world around us.

I decide to sit quietly in the garden and examine what it is I see through my own eyes for a few moments.  I sit with my eyes open, and in no time at all I begin feeling the true essence of life stirring within me.  Without a thought or a judgement or a comment of any kind I simply feel it.  I suddenly begin to see the world around me as though for the first time.  I really see it. I see the detail of things in my environment like I have never seen before.  I see the blades of grass reaching for the sky, the beauty of the familiar furniture on the deck waiting for me, the incredible colour of the expansive sky.  I also see colours bursting forth everywhere. These same colours exist every single day but I don’t really see them as I come and go from my home with a mind busy with life’s details.

As I sit longer, focusing to keep all thoughts and judgments away, I begin to see that something is seeing through me! I feel the essence of that which gives me life “seeing” the world because it has my eyes with which to see. Excitement rises and I try to hold onto the feeling, keeping my mind as still as possible.  When I silence my mind again, there it is.  The very thing that animates me with life is seeing the world in all its glory.  I am simply a container for which it can exist in human form.  My eyes are lenses to the world between worlds.  I am alive because this essence came into my being and made me a carrier of life.  It is me and I am it.

So the baby birds, like me, the fish in the sea, the alligator and the ant are all living expressions of the essence of life, allowing it to be in the world and to see what we see.  We are creation seeing the creations.   The baby birds look at me and see life in a certain form.  My eyes act as lenses for me to see them as life in another form; small, adorable, feathered bundles of life with beaks bigger than their heads and black eyes peering forth.  Peering forth and enabling life to experience itself.

With Love and Excitement,


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