What I Found in Paradise

Having spent a week on an island vacation that was truly a week in paradise, I found many things that called me back, time and time again, to my own spiritual center.  By this I mean, being refocused on my own sense of what feels right.

The people on this beautiful island are some of the most gentle, kind, people I have ever met.  At the same time, they are not allowed to eat certain foods or say certain things. They are carefully controlled and watched by authorities.  Freedom is not their right.

Though the basic necessities of life are provided for, the visitors continue to overeat huge amounts of food, ingest vast amounts of alcohol, and seem oblivious to the inequity of it allcayo-coco.  There is so much abundance yet only a select few are able to have it at their disposal.  A microcosm of the macrocosm in living force.

As I allow the sun and the sea to heal my overtired body and mind, I can’t help but feel the imbalance between those who inhabit the island and those who visit.  While I leave after a week feeling very rejuvenated, I also leave with a new perspective.  I have gained a heightened sense of sharing whatever I have with others.  Though I have always had this sense, it is much deeper now.  I also have a sense of doing what I can to contribute to the evolution of consciousness in every singe moment of my life.  This is no longer isolated to work or social life; it becomes me.  With this, sharing with others on the planet takes on expanded meaning.  Sharing what we have materially (we can begin by giving food to those in need) but also sharing our kindness and respect.  Respecting differences in culture, age, beliefs and lifestyles; beginning our practice of non-judgment over and over again erodes the boundary between the self and others.

So this beautiful respite has renewed me on many levels and has also filled me with an expanded sense of responsibility.  I can do what I can in my own power to make small changes where possible.  If we each take that power into our own hands we begin adding a drop to the sea that becomes a drop in the ocean of paradise.  I see clearly now that every single thing I do makes a difference, and I begin to do so with expanded awareness.