What These Eyes Really See

Nest of BirdsDuring my gardening time today I was met by surprise with dark, black eyes peering out from under the deck.  A nest filled with baby birds nestled tightly, peering out at me as I peered at them.  They sat immobilized as I stared in complete awe of them. As I stared at them I wondered what they see when they are looking at me.  This made me wonder further, what any of us really see when we’re looking out at the world around us.

I decide to sit quietly in the garden and examine what it is I see through my own eyes for a few moments.  I sit with my eyes open, and in no time at all I begin feeling the true essence of life stirring within me.  Without a thought or a judgement or a comment of any kind I simply feel it.  I suddenly begin to see the world around me as though for the first time.  I really see it. I see the detail of things in my environment like I have never seen before.  I see the blades of grass reaching for the sky, the beauty of the familiar furniture on the deck waiting for me, the incredible colour of the expansive sky.  I also see colours bursting forth everywhere. These same colours exist every single day but I don’t really see them as I come and go from my home with a mind busy with life’s details.

As I sit longer, focusing to keep all thoughts and judgments away, I begin to see that something is seeing through me! I feel the essence of that which gives me life “seeing” the world because it has my eyes with which to see. Excitement rises and I try to hold onto the feeling, keeping my mind as still as possible.  When I silence my mind again, there it is.  The very thing that animates me with life is seeing the world in all its glory.  I am simply a container for which it can exist in human form.  My eyes are lenses to the world between worlds.  I am alive because this essence came into my being and made me a carrier of life.  It is me and I am it.

So the baby birds, like me, the fish in the sea, the alligator and the ant are all living expressions of the essence of life, allowing it to be in the world and to see what we see.  We are creation seeing the creations.   The baby birds look at me and see life in a certain form.  My eyes act as lenses for me to see them as life in another form; small, adorable, feathered bundles of life with beaks bigger than their heads and black eyes peering forth.  Peering forth and enabling life to experience itself.

With Love and Excitement,


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The Woman Who Changed My Life Forever

I traveled to New Delhi, India to present at the World Congress of Psychology and Spirituality with anticipation and excitement.  I had never been to that part of the world and I could hardly wait to experience as much of it as I could.  I travelled with my husband, 2 children and 2 very close friends.  We had no idea what we were in for but we were anxious to get there and jump right in.

Arriving into the throngs of people at the airport was the beginning of the culture shock.  The sea of faces, the crowds, the new sensations bombarding the senses; it was all too much to take in immediately.  I must have looked like a deer in the headlights as we left the airport and again were met with crowds of people and noise and smells and sights that were too much to absorb.  It was exciting and frightening at the same time.  Without a word and in amazement, we went to our Ashram to settle in for the night.

It turns out an Ashram is nothing like it’s portrayed in the movies.  The familiar amenities of home are absent.  The living conditions are nothing like what we expect.  I was in shock once again by the foreign surroundings.  I knew I could not stay there, nor could my friends and family; it was too much change too fast.  In the morning we ventured out into the streets in search of a hotel that would bring our anxiety levels down and our bodies into surroundings we could recognize.

It was out on the busy street with wild dogs running all over the place, cows crossing the streets, people everywhere, and vehicles honking incessantly that I would encounter the woman that would change me forever.   I was in moderate distress and completely out of place dressed in my western jeans, high-heeled boots, an Italian designed jacket and a fashionable hat.  We all pulled our suitcases behind us across rough ground with rocks and garbage and chaos everywhere.  I tried to keep my emotional life as calm as possible to cope with what I was seeing and feeling around me.  It was then that I encountered her.

As I walked, I saw a woman out of the corner of my eye.  I began to process what I was seeing and realized she lived in a little hut made of cardboard.  She was probably middle-aged but looked weathered and worn for her years, likely from living on the street.  Her hut was neat and organized and she swept the ground with a tattered broom as she did her morning chores. It was then that she looked up and locked her gaze into my eyes.  It was then that my life changed forever.  I felt a jolt of love from that woman that I cannot describe.  I felt the pain of being a woman, a wife, a mother and grandmother in the chaos of living on the streets.  I felt the pride for her home, for her life and her country.   I felt deep concern, curiosity, joy and struggle.  I felt all of this, all at the same time, in every cell of my being.  This was all of life encapsulated into one split second.  I have never forgotten that moment and relive it in my mind over and over again.  This beautiful, tattered, life-worn woman had shown me the mystery of what life on the entire planet was all about.  It’s only about love, no matter what path we are given or take to get there.

From there I went on to a lovely hotel and began to discover the true beauty that is India; the people, the food, the adventures.  The strong spiritual connection that is evident everywhere with prayers and flowers and devotion.  The extremes of wealth and poverty, the chaos and the calm, disease and perfect health, everything that life has to offer on the planet bombards the senses all at the same time.  I fell in love with all of it and felt more alive than I had ever in my life.

I carry the connection to the woman on the street in my heart every minute of every day.  She magically changed me and I am so grateful she did.  She sliced my heart open so I could feel the truth of life and love.  I became more human for having encountered her.

With Love to her and all who read this,


Teresa L. DeCicco, PhD is a university professor, research and author of Psychology.  Her newest book “Living Beyond the Five Senses” is available at the “BUY NOW” button at the top of the page and in bookstores everywhere.

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The Greatest Life Lesson I Learned From My Friend (Heather Higgins July 28, 1945-June 13, 2014)

I met Heather 17 years ago when we began a deep and meaningful journey in friendship together.  She was older and in so many ways wiser for having had the vicissitudes of life’s experiences.  We shared much joy in travel, get-togethers, deep discussions, and adventures.

As she was dying of cancer one year ago, I asked myself over and over again why I could not have her for 20 or more years.  Why could I not have this dear friend to help me through my own life challenges as she had for the previous 17 years?  With that question came the answer.  I was to carry within me the best lesson I learned from Heather during our time together.  What emerged from here was the one question she brought to me, over and over again, no matter what I was facing.  If it was a parenting issue, a work challenge, marital growth or any other circumstance, she always asked me the same question after I had vented verbally and emotionally;  What is your part?

This question has literally pulled me through every single challenge I have faced over the years.  I am able to look at every challenge as an opportunity to learn about myself and to grow in ways that I could not otherwise grow without the challenge in front of me.  If it’s illness I am facing, I can now embrace it, no matter how detrimental it feels at the time, as I ask, what is my part in relation to this?  What is the lesson I must learn in order to move past the illness and into a greater form of my authentic self?  It may be my illness or the illness of someone I love but either way, I embrace it.  As difficult as this may be at the time, I am able to see illness with a greater purpose and not as an intruder or an enemy in my life.

When I am faced with difficult people, I again ask, what is my part?  I can now quickly shift out of blame or anger to see what I need to do or change within myself.  I see all people as teachers now and the most difficult ones are the greatest teachers of all.  I grow and change and become more of who I am meant to be through these people.  Without them I would never learn how to love myself better, how to forgive, how to have deep compassion, or the millions of other lessons I have learned and have yet to learn.

So my dear friend, Heather Higgins, I think of you every day and carry within me the joy we shared and the greatest lesson you have taught me.  Your wisdom and your love continue on in the physical world through me and through the challenges I face.  With each new morning I meditate, journal, and pray and ask of each new day ahead: What is my part?

With Love,

TeresaHeather and Me Crop

What I Found in Paradise

Having spent a week on an island vacation that was truly a week in paradise, I found many things that called me back, time and time again, to my own spiritual center.  By this I mean, being refocused on my own sense of what feels right.

The people on this beautiful island are some of the most gentle, kind, people I have ever met.  At the same time, they are not allowed to eat certain foods or say certain things. They are carefully controlled and watched by authorities.  Freedom is not their right.

Though the basic necessities of life are provided for, the visitors continue to overeat huge amounts of food, ingest vast amounts of alcohol, and seem oblivious to the inequity of it allcayo-coco.  There is so much abundance yet only a select few are able to have it at their disposal.  A microcosm of the macrocosm in living force.

As I allow the sun and the sea to heal my overtired body and mind, I can’t help but feel the imbalance between those who inhabit the island and those who visit.  While I leave after a week feeling very rejuvenated, I also leave with a new perspective.  I have gained a heightened sense of sharing whatever I have with others.  Though I have always had this sense, it is much deeper now.  I also have a sense of doing what I can to contribute to the evolution of consciousness in every singe moment of my life.  This is no longer isolated to work or social life; it becomes me.  With this, sharing with others on the planet takes on expanded meaning.  Sharing what we have materially (we can begin by giving food to those in need) but also sharing our kindness and respect.  Respecting differences in culture, age, beliefs and lifestyles; beginning our practice of non-judgment over and over again erodes the boundary between the self and others.

So this beautiful respite has renewed me on many levels and has also filled me with an expanded sense of responsibility.  I can do what I can in my own power to make small changes where possible.  If we each take that power into our own hands we begin adding a drop to the sea that becomes a drop in the ocean of paradise.  I see clearly now that every single thing I do makes a difference, and I begin to do so with expanded awareness.