Does Food Really Matter for Spiritual Emergence?

As transformation to a spiritual being occurs, choosing unnatural foods often becomes unappetizing or intolerable for the body to ingest.  Cravings for unnatural foods deceases and cravings for natural, fresh, and organically produced foods increases.  The joy from enjoying the freshest and most natural foods abounds as the physical body feels better and better over time.  Another change that naturally occurs in relation to food choices is the amount of food that is eaten.  Eating larger portions than the body’s natural needs begins to dissipate as the body’s own balance of food and energy becomes regulated.  Skipping meals and not nourishing the body regularly throughout the day is also a behaviour that shifts. Eating slowly and in the right proportion becomes a natural part of one’s spiritual practice and a heightened level of awareness develops around this ritual.

With heightened awareness comes the realization that food is no longer to be used as a form of entertainment or as a numbing substance for the emotions.  As awareness of food and the manner in which it is ingested increases, then the relationship to how the body feels with certain foods increases, and naturally, the connection to one’s emotional life is made.  Food is not used as a drug to numb out emotional pain of any kind, including boredom. The body naturally ingests the amount of food it needs to feel well and emotions are dealt with directly, rather than indirectly.  Becoming in tune with the natural balance of food and its relationship to one’s overall well-being is an integral part of the spiritual process.

The view that foods low in nutritive value and energy-producing capacity are a ‘treat’ also begins to change. Foods high in fat and sugar, while providing the body with no positive benefits, are slowly avoided.  What changes is the attitude toward these foods as one is waking up to a new reality.  Foods are now seen for what they are; a part of the living planet that when ingested, become part of the living body.  We literally ingest parts of the planet in order to become one with the planet in a synergistic way.  We see that a vegetable is actually the soil it grows in, the rain that it absorbed, and the sunlight that fueled it with energy to grow.  We are eating the soil and the sunlight in the form of a vegetable.  If the energy in the vegetable is now destroyed by processing or it is contaminated with unnatural chemicals, then the body is not being nourished by the planet in the way it was meant to.  There is now a disruption in the natural energetic cycle of life.

Food now becomes a sacred substance.  It is not seen as a mere survival element but a substance of significant importance.  One’s daily life revolves around this nourishment in a revered way.  Foods are chosen carefully and become paramount in one’s daily life.  Rushing to work and rushing to social events does not take precedence over nourishment.  Eating foods that have not been prepared with care is no longer acceptable.  Taking an interest in what is eaten, how it was grown or raised, and how it was prepared, is now taken into consideration before anything is consumed.  This form of self-reflection seems to become a natural and wanted practice on the path to spiritual emergence.

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