Million Dollar Salaries, Diamond Rings, and Running Marathons

I am propelled to think deeply about so many things I see around me.  My husband watches a sporting event on TV and tells me the salaries of the players.  Many make inconceivable amounts of money that it’s baffling to me. Has watching sports become so important that ticket prices and advertising has put an enormous value on these players?

I was also recently impelled to think about the ritual of engagement in North America (not practiced in many other parts of the world). I wonder why so much meaning is attached to a ring.  The bigger the diamond, the bigger the commitment, the better the relationship?  In reality, the ring is easily taken off and the relationship instantly dissolves, so what does this really mean?

Again it happens as I’m out doing errands and spring is upon us here in Canada. I see more and more people out on the roads running. I ran for many years myself, 5 kilometers a few times a week when there were only 3 or 4 people in my community who took to the roads.  Now I hear conversations around which marathons people are entering, how fast they are running-even posting their times on social media sites, and discussing which of the latest gadgets they have to track their data.  It seems running has become more than something that is good for your health.

Are any of these things positive or negative in themselves, I ask? It seems they are neither good nor bad, positive or negative, but they can bring both joy or pain to life, depending on the context.  As with all things in life it’s more about the meaning attached to them for me than the object or event itself. If it brings great joy to myself and others then it’s worth investing my time in.  If I’m trying to change how I feel on the inside with something outside of myself, then I’m apt to cut it out of my life. I tend to step back more and more often to examine all acts and objects in life.  I would now say for the most part, I enjoy sporting events, beautiful jewelery, and the fun of participating in sports while not hanging any sense of worth on any of these.  Events and things in my life are not more important than spending time with my children or spouse, they are not more important than taking time to give to community, or more important than global issues of poverty or clean drinking water.  It’s because I take these deep and important issues to heart that everything else becomes enjoyable.  It’s the deep and meaningful things that make everything else fun because I do not take them seriously.  So, sports are fun to watch and play, and beautiful jewelery is just that.

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