Always at the Beginning….

For many years I thought that I had found the answers to my spiritual searching.  I would read a book that would expand my awareness and I would have a new understanding.  Feeling elated and enlightened, I would feel as though I finally found the answers.  In a very short time I would again feel that there was something more to learn.  Again I would find the answers I was seeking either in a book, from a conversation, or in a new spiritual practice.  The answers always came but these were always followed by more questions, shortly thereafter.

I finally came to realize that this is an unending process of expansion and I was always at the beginning. No matter what I had just learned, there was always more to learn. This was an infinite expansion of exciting new adventures and mysteries.  Finally, I came to see the spiritual search not so much of a search at all, but a process of life that expands in direct proportion to our own level of seeking.

The more we want to know, the more that is revealed.  It seems we are participating in the process simply by wanting to know!  Life is far richer now and filled with wonder as I feel I am always at the beginning of a new vista that is just waiting to open up for me.

Will you ask more questions in your own search and launch yourself into new ways of living?

Love Teresa

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