The Easter Enigma

Irene and Mom
 Having been born into a Catholic family, Easter was always a big celebratory holiday.  We were immersed in holy week, often with rituals that left me perplexed.  Did people actually ask themselves why they were doing what they were doing during holy week? Were Christians really the only ones who knew why we were on the planet and where we were going after death?  These questions and more led me on a 40 year journey to find out the truth.

Over the years I would visited every church or religious temple I could find. I would first read about their traditions and then pay a visit in order to experience their beliefs first-hand.  I explored many beautiful places. Some celebrated life to the fullest while others had a commitment to suffering.  They all had their own brand of a Creator and usually a prophet (or more than one) with a devotion that led them to their practice.  I learned so much from each and every one, yet still felt something was missing for me.

I wondered if people really had to wear the garments they did in order to find the mystery of life.  Did people really have to fast to find the true source of life?  Why was sexuality such a big deal that needed to be controlled by many of these institutions? The more I explored, the more questions arose.

Finally, after all the searching and all the questioning I found what I was looking for.  Interestingly, it was not in a building or in a church or in a gathering of any kind.  It was within me all the while.  It came as an understanding to treat others the way I wished to be treated.  To live as honestly as I possibly could.  To be kind to everyone, especially myself.  Finally, to continue the journey for understanding why I am on this planet, why I come in contact with the people I do, to learn my lessons, to grow and change, and to continue to do so.  The process of life is not static but ever changing and ever evolving.  No matter how we choose to live our lives with respect to religion or spirituality, the key is respect.  Respect everyone and everything.  So simple yet made so complicated.

The mystery seems to be solved for me, for now.

Happy Easter, no matter who you are or what your beliefs.

With kindness and Love,


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