A Very Good Friday

caveWhen I was a child my mother would engage in the rituals of Good Friday with us as a family.  We would not eat meat, we would go to church, and she would talk to us about the significance of the day.  She would tell us that we should think about the stories in the bible but more importantly, reflect on our own lives and what they meant.  She talked about our purpose and meaning in life; how each of us has a purpose and that we should find that and live it.  My personal purpose began to unfold as a young girl as a result of her words.

My mother also talked about being honest.  Not so much in a rigid way, but in a way that shapes our lives.  Honesty, to the best of our ability, may change and grow as we change and grow.  Keeping our word, not using error by omission (e.g. saying the truth rather than withholding it), and not using words to “hook” people into doing what we wish them to do.  Watching our words and how they shape our lives is a key factor in what we create. She knew this and reminded us of this often.  “Your spoken words are written in the sky”, she would say.  Good Friday was a day of self-discovery.

After the ritual of church and discussion we would end the day with a special Good Friday Meal.  In full Italian tradition, fried salt cod (my favorite still today), vegetables cooked in mouth-watering ways, a meatless pasta dish and freshly baked bread would fill the house with an aroma that said ‘family is gathering’.  So it is always a very good Friday when we can reflect on ourselves, find meaning, find our individual purpose for being on this planet, and celebrate the day with people we love.  Yes indeed, it is a very Good Friday.

With Love,


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