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Living Beyond the Five Senses by Teresa L. DeCicco

Living Beyond the Five Senses

by Teresa L. DeCicco

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For an excerpt of the book “Living Beyond the Five Senses” click on the link below:

Living Beyond The Five Senses


What Light of Consciousness Magazine says about “Living Beyond the Five Senses”

Light of Consciousness Magazine publishes an excerpt and comments about the book “Living Beyond the Five Senses” in the February issue.  The comment “A gem of a book” summarizes the message conveyed in this book.

“Living Beyond the Five Senses” encourages all readers to find their own spiritual balance.  That is, to find those things that bring great joy and meaning to one’s life. Through trial and error, and experimentation, the feeling of joy can be found.  People, events, situations will bring on the feeling either toward or away from joy.  Slowly but progressively, we learn how to find the gem that lies inside each and every one of us.