Happy New You !

As we move into this new year, it’s a good time to begin focusing on the inner world rather than the outer world.  There are very good reasons for doing this, even making it a resolution.  The first is that solutions to all life’s issues lie within and they simply need to be accessed.  When the mind begin’s focusing on what is on the inside of the self in terms of thoughts and feelings, new solutions are able to emerge.  If the focus of life is on the outer world (e.g. relationships, events, money etc) then the subtle information on the inside is easily missed.  As a result, the same old patterns will continue to be lived in all realms of life.  Work, relationships, parenting, finances cannot change unless something in relation to them changes.

Another reason to focus on one’s inner world is that this becomes the center of control. Though we like to believe we can control the external world, in reality, we cannot. We can however get some control on how we see the world and how we react to it.  With practice, there is a communication system set up from within that acts as a forceful guide.  Our attention must go there for this to be useful.

A third reason is that as thoughts and feelings change in response to the external world, an emergence can occur for a new way of being.  That is, being in the world in a way that transforms every day life into something miraculous.  This can only be experienced when the focus of attention moves away from the external to the internal.

These are just a few reasons why moving one’s attention toward the inner self is beneficial, there are in fact many, many more.  The result in the end is an emerged, transformed self that makes for a happy, new, you!