Meditation and Living Beyond the Five Senses

On Friday December 5th Teresa L. DeCicco will be presenting a workshop at Kaleidoscope Spirit in Oshawa, Ontario, Canada (  In this workshop we will explore the notion that meditation aids the process of living beyond the five senses.  As we meditate, that is keeping the mind clear of our own thoughts and chatter, we make way for new information to be received.  There is inherent wisdom stored in the body and the mind, which can be accessed.  If all lines of communication are constantly kept filled with thoughts, there is no way for new information to flow through.  Meditation is the simple process of allowing new information forth.

Secondly, the body stores much information that can be accessed without the conscious mind.  The mind wants to analyze and change the truth that lies within.  Perhaps the status quo wants to be maintained or solutions are not so obvious, so blocking out the truth is upheld.  By relaxing the mind and the body, a few exercises can be practiced to find the way to our truth.  Do I stay in this relationship? Do I want a new job? Should I go off the medication prescribed by the doctor?  Solutions to all these questions and more can be found within.

Finally, information from others can also be accessed when the mind and the body are kept silent.  Exercises for reading information from others and honing one’s intuition will also be explored.  With this information, we can help others and ourselves navigate through difficult life challenges.

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