Relationships and “Living Beyond the Five Senses”

Once of life’s major concerns for all people of all races, ages and cultures revolves around relationships with others.  Be they romantic, parental, sibling, co-worker or otherwise, relationships are the mainstay of many people’s lives.  As much pleasure and joy they bring to life, they often carry with them many challenges.  How then can relationships be seen so as to increase joy and decrease struggle and suffering?

No matter what the nature of the relationship challenge, when we begin to see this as a call to our own personal development, we stop blaming and finger pointing. Relationships come forth in our lives to show us the areas in ourselves, that we need to learn about.  If we are impatient, people will be in our lives to teach us this lesson.  If we are stubborn and unforgiving, more and more situations will arise to teach us how to unblock in these areas.  Relationships of all kinds are then seen as opportunities to become better people in and of ourselves.

People driving in their cars along with us are teaching us lessons.  People in the grocery store are there for a reason.  Our children and co-workers behave as they do to help us grow and change.  Everyone is there for our benefit and when we look at our part in all situations that arise, we can begin growing as better people.  When we grow and change with a new attitude about relationships, we will find our lives transforming in ways that we could not imagine was possible before.