Pope Francis, The Big Bang, and Living Beyond the Five Senses

Much is being said in the media these days about the Pope’s comments on the Big Bang Theory and creation.  Interestingly, the Pope was quoted as saying that creation and evolution have worked together for eons to bring the universe to the point it is at today. These two forces have worked hand in hand, rather than being notions that are mutually exclusive.

Perhaps even more interesting is the fact that it was a clergy member in the Catholic Church that first proposed the idea of what we know as the Big Bang. Evolution and the scientific study of such have shown that all living creatures have grown and changed over time into what we now see in existence.  Further still, all living creatures continue to grow and change with the forces of evolution.  This is not a static force.

In terms of spiritual growth and spiritual awareness, a current has also been flowing through the human race since the beginning of time, with a gradual and unrelenting force.  This has caused conscious awareness in humans beyond the self and beyond the five senses.  Just as physical changes have occurred with


evolution, so have spiritual changes.  We are now in an era with a vast number of humans who are consciously aware and participating in reality with their thoughts, feelings, and behaviours.   The time as arrived.


Rumi and “Beyond the Five Senses”

In “The Big Red Book” by Rumi,  there is poem after poem of moving prose that prods us to feel the world beyond that which we touch, taste, smell, hear and see.  Each poem carries the reader into the unseen world that animates life and connects us to this source.

Each poem leads the reader into a presence that we can experience.  These poems describe the world that “Living the Beyond the Five Senses” leads people into.  This world is no longer experienced by a chosen few.  It is now accessible to anyone who is open to seeking the way to enter it!

You need no name.

You are the ocean.

I am held in your sway.  (Rumi)


Is Your Worldview Expanding?

Do you feel your worldview expanding? Are you becoming aware of new senses of perception?

We are on the threshold of the next evolutionary phase of human development.  “Living Beyond The Five Senses” is a book that guides the species-wide transformation that is already unfolding.

If you find yourself undergoing major changes or are experiencing the first subtle signs, this book will mark your path to a new and enriching life.

Excerpt from “Living Beyond The Five Senses-The Emergence of a Spiritual Being

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