Onward & Upward (M. Wiese)

The book “Living Beyond the Five Senses” is published by Michael Wiese of Divine Arts.  His book “Onward & Upward” is a wonderful story of a life well lived by a multidimensional man; author, producer, world traveler, husband, friend, and father.  In this book he describes how he came to the very place that “Living Beyond the Five Senses” discusses.  His book is a warm and loving account of his journey to find his purpose and to live authentically.  The book nicely reflects back to the reader how important it is for each and every one of us to find this for ourselves.  Just as it is described in “Living Beyond the Five Senses”, each of us will find our path in our own unique way.  Some of us will have difficult life challenges. Others will find it through love and compassion.  No matter what our path, it is unique and it is for us alone to take.  It is this path that will carve us into the being we are meant to become.

The important thing is to take the path and not resist it; this is how we will find out who we really are.  Secondly, it is important to share our journey with others.  By letting others know how we are doing it, we will learn from each other and we will find new ways of exploration.  Just as Wiese has done in “Onward & Upward” we will find ourselves expanding into new ways of thought and being for having had the opportunity to share the journey with them.

As we explore, read, challenge ourselves, and live life full on, we will eventually discover that like Wiese, we are all moving toward living beyond our five senses. We are all emerging into Spiritual Beings, in one way or another and we are all at the very beginning of a new life.