Am I Really Changing or Is This My Imagination?

When we first begin to realize that we are changing as spiritual beings and we see, know and feel the world differently around us, we often question our own experiences.  Am I really seeing things differently or is this my imagination? Do I really feel something that I did not feel before or am I making this up? I seem to know when things are happening without verbalizing it; is this true or am I confused?

The best way to know if this is true for you is to put it to the test for yourself.  Continue noticing what happens to you in relation to your environment.  If you have a felt sense that someone is being dishonest, then wait it out and see how that plays out.  If your feelings are accurate this storyline will reveal itself.  If it’s not correct, then this too will prove the point.  Similarly, if you have a sense or knowing that something is going to happen, then watch closely without manipulating the environment.  by keeping track of dreams we can also see if what is revealed in dream imagery comes to fruition in the day.  Only by putting ourselves to the test will we know for sure what is happening in our own lives and bodies.

When we participate in self-reflection over a long period of time, we can then know what kind of information we are receiving beyond our five senses. Most importantly, once the transformation beings, we cannot stop the information from coming to us for very long.  As we continue to receive this, in turn, it will change us even further.  We can attempt to block the changes if we wish but eventually, if this is our path, it will lead us to a new kind of living.  Our work is to validate for ourselves if this is occurring and if so, to befriend and learn our own unique skills and paths within the transformational process.