How Do We Live Beyond The Five Senses?

Since the beginning of time, humans have been evolving in all capacities.  We have changed physically, mentally, and emotionally such that, we are not the humans we were decades ago.  We have also been changing on the spiritual level, even though this appears to be a slow process.  The influence of religions (yes, all of them!), meditation movements, spiritual writings, art, music, and all other forms of searching for the Divine, has led us to the place we are now.  We are, en mass, emerging as new humans.  Some of us have evolved into spiritual beings and others are emerging as such.

One of the signs that we have emerged it is the ability to live beyond the five senses.  Some of us see things such as light around living creatures.  Some of us hear sounds beyond what is considered the normal human range.  Others have precognitive dreams that allow us to glimpse into events that are yet to occur.  The emotions of others can be felt by some, so we can glimpse into another persons’s emotional life and get a sense of what is happening there.  At our own pace and in our own time, we come to discover that we are metasensory beings.  Our senses are now beyond those of touch, smell, sound, taste, and sight; it’s all of those and more.

These abilities are now considered normal. They are not special or signs of giftedness.  We will all develop metasensory skills that are unique to our own life’s purpose.  Our job now is to begin understanding them and befriending them.  As we pay attention to what we see, know and feel, we will begin to know ourselves in a completely new way.